Monday 21 August 2017

This couple were upstaged at their own wedding by the best man in the most outrageous way

Couple exchanging vows
Couple exchanging vows
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Not everyone is comfortable being the attention, while others are only comfortable when they are.

Cue a truly epic agony aunt column and one of the best/worst wedding horror stories the internet has gifted us with. Slate's Dear Prudence problem page is, like most advice columns, often the place where people feel comfortable anonymously asking a professional the questions they're often too uncomfortable to ask their family or friends and its most recent one is doozy.

The advice-seeker is a newlywed who spent $80,000 on their dream wedding only for the best man to steal the show in the most inappropriate way.

The groom's best man 'John' was officiating the wedding when he decided to not only propose to his girlfriend IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CEREMONY but also announced her pregnancy.

"I couldn't even hear the vows my husband wrote or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane's happy sobs," the bride wrote.

"During the reception, John and Jane became the primary focus of our geuests. John even went out of his way to ask the band for a special dance for just him and Jane on the dancefloor."

And you thought your fear was bad after one too many proseccos.

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