Tuesday 26 September 2017

Stylewatch: Brozzie

Roz Purcell and Bressie
Roz Purcell and Bressie

It's rare the celeb couple that aren't annoying sometimes. Even the nicest. But Brozzie - that's model and burgeoning food guru Roz Purcell and her boyfriend Bressie - are just that. They don't foist their partnership down our throats with 'at home with' spreads, and endless 'look how amazing our life is' selfies. In fact, they're rarely pictured together; this date night selfie, left, is one of very few.

But they're also not ridiculously precious about admitting that yes, they are a couple, and talking about it, when they're trying to publicise something. We understand everyone may not want to divulge the absolute intimate details of your life, but there's something a bit irritating about celebrities who want to peddle their wares, but come over all coy about revealing even the most mundane detail of their life. Particularly when those celebs make a living asking other people intimate questions. Brozzie sort of go about their business quietly, work hard, look good but in a healthy way, and don't take themselves too seriously.

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