Wednesday 28 June 2017

Stylewatch: Besties 4 Evah

Thalia Heffernan and Holly Carpenter
Thalia Heffernan and Holly Carpenter

The Insta-epidemic of showmances has been replaced. At one time, it was all about celeb couples flaunting their 'cute' with endless tweets and selfies boredcasting how 'perf' they were for each other. Totes adorbs. There needs to be a 'sick in my mouth' emoji, we reckon. Now, it's all about the besties.

Cara Delevingne is the biggest offender in this category. Her Instagram is an online ode to all her best friends. To us, it all seems very primary school. RiRi, Rita, Taylor, Lena, Kendall.

Is there something wrong with us that we only have a handful of really close friends? Dammit Instasham, you've made us question our self-worth, yet again.

We presume Thalia Heffernan and Holly Carpenter (pictured)  have something a bit more meaningful and long-lasting than your average celebesties.

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