Wednesday 28 June 2017

So over: Trannying about town

Daniella Moyles - scaring no one
Daniella Moyles - scaring no one

Maybe it's that we at Style Notebook don't get out on the town enough. But on a recent venture into town on a Saturday night, we found the levels of transvestite make-up on women to be off the charts. Essentially, the general look was professional ballroom-dancing levels of make-up.

The bandage dress has been replaced by anything with cutaway sections. So every time you turned, someone's bare boob or spare tyre was swinging in your face. Terrifying stuff. We expect this sort of thing from teenagers who've just discovered dressing-up and, so, go to town on the make-up. Adults should know better. We're not suggesting bare-facedness. Just a scaling back. See Daniella Moyles here. Perfectly glamorous, actually working a cutaway look of sorts, but scaring no one.

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