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So Over: Slapper levels of slap

Published 13/04/2015 | 02:30

Thalia Heffernan
Thalia Heffernan

Pared-back slap is the new wave in beauty trends - Marc Jacobs famously sent his models down the catwalk completely make-up free last year - but stylish women in the know have been toning back the make-up for ages now.

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Generally, the make-up-shotgun-to-the-face look only serves to age the offender, who, paradoxically, is invariably still young enough to pull off minimal cosmetic intervention. It saddens us to see girls whose skin is at its optimum, slathering on the panstick and contouring their faces into Kim K levels of 'selfie-ready' perfection. There's a pretty good rule of thumb that we want to offer the younger generation, and it goes like this: if Kim Kardashian is doing it, than it probably ain't classy. We reckon the stunning Thalia Heffernan could totally do away with the tyranny of make-up altogether. Not jealous or anything.

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