Wednesday 28 June 2017

So over: Obsessing over the pregnancy bounce-back

Dawn O Porter and Chris O'Dowd
Dawn O Porter and Chris O'Dowd

Physically 'bouncing back' after pregnancy has to be one of the most annoying phrases used to describe female physicality. It's up there, of course, with 'beach body'.

Or when a woman is described as being 'happy with her curves' as a euphemism for 'she's fat, but bizarrely seems happy'. It's not just the pressure that this puts  on a woman in the throes of newborn madness - considering her state of personal svelteness should be the furthest thing from her mind. But it's creepy - body leering, dressed up as a compliment. Obviously Dawn O'Porter - pictured  with her husband, Chris O'Dowd - looks incredible for a woman who  has had a baby in the last few months, but really, leave her, and the rest of us, off.

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