Wednesday 18 October 2017

So Over: Full Coverage

Aoibhin Garrihy
Aoibhin Garrihy

OK, so the weather has been mixed so far this spring, but there comes a time when one must push on with the sartorial agenda of adversity.

We get that it's sometimes chilly out, but surely some concession to the spring vibes in the wardrobe department can be worked out, if only to improve the general mood in the country. There's nothing worse than opaque tights and tweeds in April, even on the lovely Aoibhin Garrihy. An outfit where only the hands and face are visible just drags us all down. We reckon that as a society, we should decide collectively to just make a go of summer dressing, regardless of the weather. A bit like putting the clocks forward. Come May 1, the rule should be: no more full coverage. We know it's not practical, but that's style for you. It's not supposed to be practical.

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