Wednesday 29 March 2017

Pamela Stephenson on...

Husband Billy Connolly

"When I met him I realised he was big trouble. He was drinking heavily, so I wrestled myself away to Indonesia and tried to forget all about him. Of course, I couldn't. I came back and said: 'Stop it or I'll have to walk away from you'."


"I've definitely lusted in my heart a few times over people, and I'm sure Billy has too.

"I once noticed him checking out Chrissie Hynde's backside and I'm pretty sure he liked what he saw."


"I didn't appreciate my body when I was younger.

"When I was on Not The Nine O'Clock News, I tortured myself because I thought I was too fat or not attractive enough. You look back and think: 'If only I'd been kinder to myself'."

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