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Monday 16 January 2017

Having sex can make you smarter....yes, really

Published 05/03/2013 | 16:43

Sex encourages growth of brain cells responsible for memory and learning

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There's nothing like the feeling of new love. And for once, our brains aren't conflicting with our hearts. Researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy have concluded that an increase in sexual activity can increase intelligence - particularly in the early stages of a relationship.

Those enjoying the first waves of a new romance have accelerated nerve growth in areas responsible for alertness and wellbeing. The researchers conducted blood tests on those newly in love, individuals in long-term relationships and singletons.

The results showed that nerve health was "significantly higher in subjects in love than in either the subjects with long-lasting relationships or the subjects with no relationships."

But wait, it gets better. Having frequent sex can reduce sex and boost your brain power.

One of the leading researchers on the study, Dr Ghosh explained: "There is some evidence that older people who are sexually active are less likely to have dementia and this could be for a variety of complex reasons."

Well...what are you waiting for?


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