Monday 25 September 2017

Facebook dos and don'ts

If you are going through a separation think about what your profile says about you.

Barrister Tabitha Wood says: "Facebook can be really twisted and your life can be presented in such a way by a clever opponent.

"Don't put up pictures of you on nights out, out with dates or anything that could make you look uncaring towards proceedings or unfit.

"If I was going through divorce proceedings I would have NOTHING on my profile."

  • Delete exes. Allison Keating says: "There's a lot of psychologically unhealthy voyeurism with Facebook and I think it can be very bad to stay friends with an ex only to torment yourself by looking through their photos and agonising over their status updates."
  • Try to have some boundaries when it comes to sharing. Lisa O'Hara says: "Facebook lulls people into making inappropriate disclosures.

"Take for example English conference worker Emma Brady (35), who found out her husband wanted a divorce only after friends contacted her about his Facebook status which read "Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady" with a friend commenting below "better off out of it".

  • If you're planning on taking a second wife despite being already married don't put photos of your first wedding on Facebook.

A bigamist in Sydney was caught last year when his wife, to whom he'd been married less than a month, discovered her new husband had already been down the aisle thanks to snaps on the social network site.

  • Remember that it's not just your relationship that can be damaged by Facebook.

Australian call centre worker Kyle Doyle (21), was sacked after pulling a sickie only for human resources to spot his Facebook status declaring: "Kyle Doyle is not going to work, f*** it I'm still trashed SICKIE WOO."

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