Saturday 24 June 2017


Suzanne Harrington

•Forget the dinner party, the gym, the friend of a friend. This only happens in films. Get online -- it's the most proactive way of meeting people.

•Post a good, clear close-up photo, not a blurry one with someone else's head chopped out, or one of you sky-diving. We want to see your face.

•Wear something that makes you feel great. If you're uncomfortable, it will show.

•On a first date, don't bang on about your kids. They're only fascinating to you, not your date. Ditto ex partners. Don't go there, except in passing.

•Be honest, but not too honest. If you've just got out of jail, save that anecdote for a later date.

•If you've been out of the dating loop, remain detached from outcome. Bring unconditional positive regard, plus detachment, with you. Always be kind.

•If your date doesn't want to see you again, don't take it personally. Not everyone fancies everyone. Don't expect an instant fix. True love takes time, but it definitely exists. You just have to believe in it, and be open.

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