Thursday 21 September 2017

Gym gear overhaul

Vest, €13; , leggings, €15; trainers, €20; all Azzurri by Heatons, see
Vest, €13; , leggings, €15; trainers, €20; all Azzurri by Heatons, see

So 2015 dawned crisp, clear and full of promise. We trotted out the usual banal list of resolutions: eat less, drink less, move more, practise mindfulness, reduce parental contact to enable aforementioned mindfulness practice. By mid-January, much of this had fallen by the wayside - except the parental-contact thing, which we will be hanging on to for the good of our health.

We were just about to draw up the alternative resolutions list - the list where we imagine it is our last year on Earth, and do we really want to spend it being sanctimonious, not to mention sober? - when the new Heatons' fitness range, Azzurri, caught our eye. Nothing reinvigorates the resolve like a gym-gear overhaul. Of course we're not achieving our personal best - we don't have the Azzurri high-performance water bottle.

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