Friday 18 August 2017

Get a jump on it

Jumper, €43, Marks & Spencer stores nationwide
Jumper, €43, Marks & Spencer stores nationwide

Seems too soon to be thinking of Christmas jumpers? Actually, this is exactly the time to be on the look-out for a winter jumper that you will actually get some wear out of - as opposed to buying something with a Christmas tree on it on December 23, and wearing it for two days.

So snowflake prints are OK, but anything with actual Santa Clauses on it - you're wasting your money. Plus, there's something classy about ignoring all the tacky Halloween stuff that's about right now and cutting straight to the big celebration.

This polar-bear-print jumper is part of the Marks & Spencer recently launched seasonal-jumpers line. With not a reindeer in sight, it will remain wearable, post December 25.

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