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Tulisa: 'the whole fashion thing really doesn’t bother me'

Published 16/11/2012 | 11:22

Singer says she chooses her clothes for herself and not other people
Singer says she chooses her clothes for herself and not other people

X Factor judge and singer Tulisa Contostavloshas finally justified her questionable fashion taste.

It's the moment we have been waiting for; The Female Boss AKA Tulisa has shared her words of wisdom when it comes to fashion.

"Who cares what other people think because you don't wear it for other people; you wear it for yourself," she told Heat . "And at least you are wearing clothes!"

We can almost hear the Parisian couturiers dropping their pencils as they gasp in realisation: 'Who cares what we design, at least our customers will be wearing clothes !'

But the TFB has, if nothing else, provided some justification for the frock horrors she endlessly dons. If your sole motto when it comes to getting dressed in the morning is "at least I'm wearing clothes" then we can totally see how highly-flammable materials, camel toe-inducing jeans and lashings of pleather (shoes, bags, trousers, jackets - she doesn't discriminate) fit your required criteria.

We'd also like to touch upon the following statement, which TFB made in the same interview: "Everyone that knows me will tell you that the whole fashion thing really doesn't bother me." Right, so why exactly do you have an (admittedly questionable) fashion line with high street retailer Bank, then? We can almost see the pound signs in her eyes.

By Bibby Sowray.

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