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Tips for surviving Ladies Day at Galway Races

Published 01/08/2013 | 10:00

11/04/2013. Pictured are (LtoR) Laura Butler, journalist at the Irish Independent and Ian Mallon, Head of Operations/Operations Editor, Irish Independent, Bairbre Power, Fashion Editor, Irish Independent and Stephen Rae, editor of the Irish Independent, at 25 Fitzwilliam Place where the Independent hosted a panel discussion with its editors. Photo: El Keegan
Bairbre Power is a judge at ladies Day in Galway today.
Gel pads in your shoes will be your Best Friend today and keep the smile on your face
Do not forget your hat or you will feel a little under dresssed at Ballybrit where Ladies Day
Bairbre advises to weather proof your look today
Top tip from Bairbre - Wear flat shoes out to the course and keep the heels in the bag for action later.
Light thin layers that can be peeled off and layered back on depending on the weather is the best way to go.

Your best tactic to surviving Ladies Day at Ballybrit today is to dress in LAYERS. We are experiencing four seasons in one day so while you may set off for the racecourse in rain, the weather can improve dramatically, beyond your wildest dream.

That's exactly what happened yesterday and the ladies and gents who headed off to Ballybrit in heavy raincoats and boots to survive the heavy rain later found themselves steaming up and warm beyond words when the sun came out.

Light thin layers that can be peeled off and layered back on depending on the weather is the best way to go.

DOUBLE UP on footwear and for ladies, it's flat shoes out to the course and keep the heels in the bag for action later.

Arm yourself with a tiny emergency pack in your bag and it should include a few plasters (for cut or blistered heels) and a handful of safety pins which can solve a myriad of fashion dilemmas. If I had a euro for every time I've heard of girls in the Ballybrit loo looking for pins, I'd be a rich woman.

DOWNSIZE and don't bring the kitchen sink with you. A big, over packed handbag can totally ruin the look of your outfit so grab a few minature products. They have a whole display of them in Boots in Shop Street and you can share them out between the girls so no one person is carrying all the grooming things you want later.

Do not forget your HAT or you will feel a little under dresssed at Ballybrit where Ladies Day is quite a sight with hundreds of ladies dressed up to the nines.

It's always such fun to judge because everyone has made such a special effort. If you forgot to bring a headpiece, milliner Fiona Mangan has a pop up shop in Brown Thomas here and Debenhams at the top of Eyre Square have amazing ones at great prices. There's also a Hat Shop in the Eyre Square shopping centre.

Local milliner Suzie Mahony advises to create height in your hair by doing an elegant upstyle and it really sets off your hat .

DOUBLE UP with two strings of elastic band on your hat because it can be very windy out there in Ballybrit.

Don't rely on just hair clips.

GEL PADS in your shoes will be your Best Friend today and  keep the smile on your face while others are grimacing in discomfort. Don't suffer for your fashion! You will be on your feet all day and after gel pads, the second important thing to remember is a small, fold up umbrella for your bag. May sound a bit Grannyish but you will be delighted if the skies open.

At 8am, I have to admit the skies are a pale grey. Not a steely grey but enough to suggest a damp start to the day so I'm weather-proofing my look.

I'm heading to the course at 10.30 in a raincoat with my fellow judges in the 'Anthony Ryans Best Dressed Lady competition' , Kathryn Thomas and PJ Gibbons, editor of Social & Personal magazine.

If you are planning to wear satin or a crushable fabric, try and not to wear it in the car if possible and hang it in the bag. After spending half an hour yesterday ironing my new Prada satin coat, I'm bringing it in Anthony Ryan's car lying flat in the back seat and I'll pop it on before the photos start at 11am.


Beat the rain with a waterproof mascara and here are some tips from Galway make up artist Roisin Derrane whose sister Maura will be presenting RTE's coverage today.


* Prepare the skin carefully with a serum and eye cream, and avoid heavy moisturisers. Use a little primer before putting on foundation.


* Don’t use a high SPF foundation for daytime as they tend to lighten and do not work in photographs.


* Try an eye concealer, as they brighten the eyes and get rid of dark circles. Dab only on the hollow area at inner corner of the eye, blend outwards and avoid any fine lines. Set with a translucent powder.


* Shade in the brows as this lifts the whole eye area. Use a brow pencil a shade darker than your natural brows.


* Apply a black waterproof liner along the top lash line for definition, then blur using a mid brown/ dark purple/navy eyeshadow on a small shadow brush by pressing colour on top of liner and flick out to create a cool, modern finish.


* Use a matt bronzer along cheekbones and blend to temples, then along forehead and bridge of the nose. Finish with a cream blush in peach or pink.


* Use a natural coloured lip liner and a sheer lipstick.


My last tip is to share those racing tips you pick up over breakfast in town, on the bus out to Ballybrit or from the pundits at the course. With the winnings, you can dive into all those fabulous Autumn Winter 2013 fashion pieces dropping into the shops.I know I have a few in mind already.


Have a great day and be sure to come over and say hi or tweet: @bairbrepower

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