Sunday 20 August 2017

Stylewatch: Weather the post-baby style crisis like a pro

Post-baby style: Amy Huberman.
Post-baby style: Amy Huberman.

For the average civilian mother in those early, post-childbirth months, the main style imperative is to cover the weird, gelatinous mass that our bodies have become, while we wait for life to return to some semblance of normality.

Once we resurface from the wild, chaotic days of new-babyhood, it is usually to find a veritable stranger in the mirror - this is often when new mothers face something of a style crisis.

There might be a disastrous haircut, or a dismal descent into unflattering bootcut jeans, while we try to remember just what the hell we used to wear.

What we need is a Post-Baby Style Spirit Guide. Amy Huberman, left, is our template for surviving the post-baby style apocalypse. She works a casual - read baby-friendly - look that is attainable even for those us of who won't be pinging back to our pre-baby shape any time soon.

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