Tuesday 22 August 2017

Stylewatch: Try hard vs the naturals

Try Hards; we all know one. She’s that annoying girl who rocks up at your low-key back-garden BBQ wearing six-inch heels — scoring the new deck in the process — and a bandage dress.

One well-known Irish model refuses to leave the house even for an impromptu coffee without full make-up and hair extensions. A top blonde Irish model gave herself a bald patch by her early 20s through over-styling her hair. One high-profile beauty-pageant winner doesn’t seem to have realised the rest of us ditched the fake tan last summer. They would do well to check out The Naturals. Saoirse Ronan, Sharon Corr; it works at any age. Key to the look? Loosely tousled hair (your own, preferably). Light, barely there make-up, or even, in the summer months, bare skin! And a calf muscle that can still stretch to wear flat shoes.

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