Sunday 22 October 2017

Stylewatch: Pussy-footing around

Well-played: Claire Byrne
Well-played: Claire Byrne

We at Style Notebook have never been huge fans of the pussy-bow-blouse look, coming, as it tends to, with all sorts of sartorial 'sexy secretary' get-ups that seem naff in the extreme.

But hats off to Claire Byrne, pictured for managing to pull the look off without remotely making us want to use the phrase Hitchcock blonde, another hackneyed phrase so often used when talking of the PBB (pussy-bow blouse).

Key to her success? First, it is almost more of a necktie than a huge bow. So keep things discreet. Second, everything else about this look is clean, minimal and modern. She has resisted the urge to throw in other vintage-style trends - a tweed suit, or an elaborate up-do, which would move this outfit into fancy-dress territory. Well played.

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