Friday 28 July 2017

Stylewatch: Brunette bombshell

Anna Friel
Anna Friel

Introducing the brunette bombshell. Long championed by our own Grainne Seoige and Jennifer Maguire, it’s no longer just the thinking woman’s go-to shade for glamour.

In fact, the brunette has replaced the blonde as the icon of glamour for our times. Today’s brunette is gamine, maybe a little bit vampy, but always classy, and any enhancements to what nature gave her are of the subtle variety. Think Anna Friel. The ubiquitous blonde, however, has tatty hair extensions, a shade of blonde that makes her look a little trannyish, a dirty fake tan, and acres of skin on show. Seeing as it’s a look inspired by the likes of Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton, it’s no wonder the blonde, in this incarnation, at least, has had her day.

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