Sunday 22 October 2017

Stylewatch: Bank holiday etiquette

With the next two weekends, we’re facing into a bank-holiday extravaganza, people. As you approach the double whammy of two consecutive three-day weekends, take a moment to get your head around the New Bank Holiday Etiquette.

OK, so it doesn’t involve helicopters, golf in Marbella, or property-buying trips to Bulgaria, but, actually, the NBHE does include many of our current favourite things. Instead of going out for a Bloody Mary brunch, crack open your copy of Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals and impress everyone with your at-home brunch-making skills. Indulge in a little DIY, wash the car, cut the grass and savour the smell, or just relax and enjoy the — fingers crossed — good weather. Or take a picnic up to the Hill of Howth, Howth being the neighbourhood of our favourite model-slash-thespian, Vogue Williams. It’s the simple things.

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