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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Miss Ireland: 7 most talked about moments in the pageant's history

Caitlin McBride recalls some of the most dramatic moments in Miss Ireland history - from fake tan mishaps to a 'shocking' contraceptive campaign

(L to R) Roz Purcell, Laura Patterson and Rosanna Davison
(L to R) Roz Purcell, Laura Patterson and Rosanna Davison
Maire Hughes (centre) with Rebecca Maguire (left)
Roz Purcell was Miss Universe Ireland in 2011
Amanda Brunker was just 17 when she was crowned Miss Ireland in 1991
Niamh Redmond was Miss Ireland in 1996
Rosanna Davison was crowned Miss World in 2003
Holly Carpenter Miss University in 2011
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

A new Miss Ireland winner will be crowned tonight, but let's take a look at her predecessors' body of work.

1. Maire Hughes's age in 2012


Galway native Maire Hughes was crowned Miss Ireland in 2012, but her reign was extremely short lived as she was stripped of the title just days later due to age restrictions. At 25, she was deemed 'too old' to compete at Miss World and after a brief foray into modelling, she has now left the industry. She was later replaced with Rebecca Maguire, who came first runner up in the pageant.


2. Roz Purcell's fake tan mishap in 2010


Roz was crowned Miss Universe Ireland in 2010, but it was her tangeoed hand that stole the show. She may have been criticised for a visible white patch and orange arm when she was named winner, but she had the last laugh landing a campaign with Karora cosmetics as a result and a contract with Donald Trump's New York agency after her Miss Universe success.


3. Amanda Brunker's age in 1993


At just 17 years old, Amanda was short a year to meet the minimum age requirements to compete at Miss World. But she explained after talk of her being "dethroned" due to the scandal, pageant organisers approved her as a special case. "They had to ring the Miss World and see if they could let me in and it turned out there was some girl from Guatemala who was 17 as well, so they let me in and the rest, as they say, is history," she said.


4. Niamh Redmond’s contraceptive ad in 1996


Niamh was famously outspoken during her reign as Miss Ireland and caused a stir when she appeared in an ad for contraceptives soon after she was crowned. Her modelling career was short lived however as she quit the industry at 22 and now works in IT.


5. Laura Patterson's Tesco job in 2009


Miss Derry was crowned the winner when she was 19 years old, but was determined to stick to her roots and refused to move to Dublin to pursue modelling full-time. Instead, she stayed at home in Derry and continued working at Tesco throughout her reign, although she did complete all of her duties. She was papped in a Sunday newspaper in her work uniform soon after handing back her crown.


6. Holly Carpenter’s grandmother in 2011


A then unknown Holly Carpenter was crowned Miss University in 2011 and soon nabbed the national title as expected. Before the competition, it was revealed that Holly is the granddaughter of famed gossip columnist Terry Keane. "I'll be well able for whatever is written about me. What I've learnt from Terry is that it's going to happen if you're in the spotlight, and I know how to handle it," Holly said at the time.


7. Rosanna Davison wins Miss World


In 2003, Rosanna made pageant history as the only ever Irish winner of the Miss World pageant. After more than a decade at the top of her game including countless campaigns and a Playboy cover, she's moving into a career in nutrition and her debut cookbook Eat Yourself Beautiful is available later this month.

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