Saturday 21 October 2017

Frugal fashionista Angela Merkel and her 18-year-old tunic

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

The politician has been getting slack for “outfit repeating”.

This week, Germany’s most popular newspaper Bild ran a story which read ‘Schön! Merkel

bleibt sich treu’ - that’s ‘Nice one! Merkel remains true’ to the rest of us.

Indeed, the German Chancellor was at the Salzburg classical music festival this week and upon seeing her vivid silk tunic the media had a field day.

As she is a woman, her choice of outfit was instantaneously newsworthy.

News outlets were quick to notice that her decorative shawl had been making appearances since 1996.

It seems that this is the equivalent of her ‘jazzy outfit’, as the brightly patterned top only seems to make appearances at music festivals such as Salzburg and Bayreuth.

Are we surprised? This is the poster woman for frugality and austerity we’re talking about here.

In fact, with Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge routinely stepping out in older wardrobe items, it’s only fitting that Merkel would trump them with a near 20 year old “robe” as the Times of London calls it.

Instead of Keeping Up With The Jones', it’s Keeping Up With Kate.

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