Monday 24 April 2017

First Look: Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection for Topshop arrives in Ireland and it's surprisingly affordable

Beyonce for Ivy Park/Ivy Park
Beyonce for Ivy Park/Ivy Park
Queen Bey: Beyonce in Ivy Park.
Leggings, €62 at Topshop
Sports bra, €34 at Topshop
Mesh hoodie, €59 at Topshop
Leggings, €54 at Topshop
Sports bra, €30 at Topshop
Sweatshirt, €62 at Topshop
Bodysuit, €42 at Topshop

Meadhbh McGrath

Today’s the day – Beyonce’s first line of effortlessly cool activewear has finally dropped at Topshop, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

Considering the initial announcement was made two years ago, there was a lot of hype surrounding the collection, but Bey did not disappoint.

Beyonce’s biggest fans were up at dawn to get their hands on a piece of the action.

Danielle Olivierre (20) is a self-described “die-hard fan” and braved the rain early this morning to be first to buy one of Beyonce's designs.


“Since I was a kid, I looked up to her, I used to nickname myself Deyonce!” she said.

“I basically bought one of everything today – I got some casualwear, some gymwear, swimwear, shoes, a hat… Basically all my wages went on this collection!

“I like how it’s casualwear meets sportswear, and I like how she’s promoting an active lifestyle. It gives you a chance to look good while you’re getting fit.


“There are a few things there that I can mix with jeans and boots. That’s why I like it, I can wear it all the time, it’s not just a nice dress I’ll wear once.”

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Aoife Nolan (19) was also laden with shopping bags, and said she loved how the collection blends high-performance sportswear with off-duty style.


“I bought basically all gym stuff, but it’s the kind of sporty gear that you can wear on a normal day,” she said.

Kerri Doran (19) agreed, adding: “I bought mostly gym stuff to get me back in the gym - I have clothes now I have an excuse!

“I’d definitely wear them out as well on a day where you just want to throw on anything, that’s what they’re for. This stuff is gorgeous, it’s worth the money.”


While some of the standout pieces – such as the hexagon mesh textured bomber and the reflective honeycomb printed jackets and crop tops – are not available in Dublin, there are plenty of options that work just as well for a workout or a night out.

Unlike most athleisure clothing, Beyonce ensured her designs were fit for performance, resulting in high-octane fashion to match a high-intensity workout.


The performance aspect is most evident in the line’s leggings. Available in three styles – “I” (low-rise), “V” (mid-rise) and “Y” (high-rise) – and three lengths – capri, ¾ and full leg – they are crafted to work from the inside out, featuring built-in contour shorts for a streamlined shape that simulatenously supports and flatters a range of physiques.

The leggings and matching logo-emblazoned sports bras come in plain black and grey as well as cobalt blue, but our favourite are the bold blue patterned pair (€62, with matching bra €34), perfect if you’re looking to inject some colour into your fitness wardrobe.



Beyonce clearly takes her workouts seriously - as we saw at her recent Superbowl performance, when she slayed some intense choreography.

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When you’re working up a sweat having a go at some of her moves, “wicking” fabric will absorb moisture for a more comfortable workout. The running vests (€35) are built with inner mesh bra support, and Ivy Park’s shorts (€30), leggings (€59) and sports bras (€30) are all made with sweat wicking material. They also contain ventilation mesh panels for added comfort.


Of course, if you’re less interested in hitting the gym than looking flawless on a night out, there are cool mesh baseball shirts (€49) and the sleek logo bodysuit with mesh trim (€42) worn by Beyonce in the brand’s campaign.

For casual off-duty cool, we loved the blush pink corded sweatshirt (€62), sheer mesh hoodie (€59) and on-trend pool slides (€28).


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