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Strike a pose: How to wow on the red carpet

Published 25/04/2013 | 05:00

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THE JOKER Who does it? Kate Hudson has clearly been spending too much time on the set of Glee. Her signature red carpet pose looks like a teenager posing for a selfie on Facebook. Yet she still looks ‘amazeballs' — sooo unfair. How to do it: Cross your eyes, stick out your tongue and then pray that the wind doesn't change. WARNING: Only those who are already beautiful can afford to goof off on the red carpet like Kate. Everyone else, stick to trying to make yourself look more attractive — not less.
THE FAKE KISS Who does it? With Ryan Gosling on her arm, it's no wonder that Eva Mendes looks so loved up all the time. The Place Beyond the Pines star is famous for blowing kisses to her adoring fans on the other side of the rope. How to do it: Lightly press your hand to your lips before slanting it towards the camera, taking care not to smudge your expertly-applied lippie in the process. WARNING: Blowing a kiss like a normal person is a bad idea because, with all those photographers around, you're sure to look like a pufferfish in the next day's papers.
The Anti Pose Who does it? Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen of this no-frills red carpet posture. Whether she's on the school run or rocking up to a movie premiere, she always looks the business without having to work it. How to do it: Merely standing tall with your legs hip-width apart and your hands loosely by your side does the trick. WARNING: Striking this pose in a full-length frock is pretty pointless, so for full effect, go for a shorter style or trousers instead
The VB Who does it? Fashionista Victoria Beckham is such a poser, she's even got her own statement way of standing named after her. Meanwhile, new pictures this week show that little Harper (20 months) is starting to mimic her mummy's second favourite pose — playing with her hair. How to do it: Place one foot directly in front of the other, lean back into the pose and don't forget to pout. VB alternates between keeping the hind hand by her side and placing it on her hip, so it's up to you. WARNING: Make sure both legs are visible by angling one foot slightly — not even Posh is enough of a pro to pose on one leg!
The Jolie Leg Who does it? Angelina Jolie became a laughing stock after putting her best foot forward in a Versace frock at last year's Oscars. Angie's Right Leg even got its own Twitter account with 12,000 followers. More than 12 months on, though, the pose is anything but forgettable. How to do it: Make like a tea pot by showing off your sexiest stem in a dress slit to the thigh and placing one hand on the opposing hip. WARNING: Don't extreme leg bomb like Angie, or you'll end up looking less sex pot — or even tea pot — but more crack pot on the red carpet.
THE FUTURE QUEEN Who does it? Favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge, this simple pose is perfect for those who never know what to do with their hands without pockets. From award ceremonies to walkabouts, red carpet regular Kate is rarely seen without her comfort blanket clutch. How to do it: Simply clutch your, er, clutch in front of you and slap on your most confident smile. Mums-to-be like Kate and Halle Berry can also mix it up by cradling their baby bump for snaps. WARNING: Don't attempt this manoeuvre with an oversized handbag.
The Ankle Cross Over Who does it? Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan is the master of this cutesy red carpet shape, which does what it says on the tin. Easy but effective, it's the perfect pose for beginners who are too self-conscious to attempt a power stance like J-Lo. Just like famous fan Carey, though, slim limbs are a must. How to do it: Relaxedly cross one leg in front of the other and let your arms hang loosely by your side. WARNING: Don't cross your legs too tightly, or it could end up looking more like: ‘Stop the premiere, I need a wee wee'.
The Rear View Who does it? You couldn't accuse Jennifer Lopez of not knowing her angles. The bootylicious star ensures she's mostly seen from behind on the red carpet with this curve-enhancing stance. Unsurprisingly, Beyoncé and Jessica Biel are also huge fans of the sexy over-the-shoulder look. How to do it: With your back to the camera, glance over your shoulder making love to the lens with your eyes. Combined with a dramatic backless number, it's sure to leave the competition in the shade on the red carpet. WARNING: VPLs can be a problem with this pose, which works best on those with impossibly pert posteriors.

Deirdre Reynolds picks the stars' favourite looks ahead of the VIP style awards

Ireland's biggest stars are set to strike a pose at the VIP Style Awards this weekend. But from 'The Jolie Leg' to 'The Rear View', how well do you know your celebrity red carpet poses?

Rising starlet Lauren Farrell from Leitrim is currently in rehearsals for an upcoming production of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man at The New Theatre in Temple Bar. First, though, she nailed some of Hollywood's most famous poses.

"Walking the red carpet is all part of the biz," reckons Lauren, who trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

"Stars who bring personality to the red carpet – such as Helena Bonham Carter and Eva Green – are my favourites. However, I cringe every time I see Katie Price 'working it' for the camera."

"My dream is to walk the red carpet at the Oscars one day. I watch it every year and it's always so glamorous."

"I always advise ladies to do some mirror work before a red carpet," says Trish Fallon of 1st Option Models. "It's a great way to get to know your angles.

"My biggest tip is never forget your neck. Lower your shoulders, extend your neck and tilt your chin ever so slightly down to look red-carpet ready.

"Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox get it right every time."


• Dresses by Marian Gale Boutique, 8a The Mall, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Tel:(01)2697460

• Shoes and accessories by Karen Millen, 72 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Tel: (01)6339546

• Hair by Danielle Dignam and make-up by Michelle Kinsella using Db Face, Dylan Bradshaw Salon, 56 South William Street, Dublin 2. Tel: (01)6719353

• Shot on location at Radisson BLU Royal Hotel, Dublin 8. Tel: (01)8982900

• Model: Lauren Farrell l Stylist: Deirdre Reynolds

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