Friday 22 September 2017

So over: the kids are boring

SO OVER: the kids are boring

Champagne Pool Party
Champagne Pool Party

Maybe it's that social media has made us all a little cautious. If we're going to document everything we do for the world's consumption, then we need to rein in the crazy nights out in favour of something a little cleaner, healthier and public-friendly. So the post-Leaving Cert holiday madness has been replaced by obsessing about fitness levels, and a diet of goji berries and chia seeds. Every 18-year-old is on the paleo diet, and a wild night amounts to little more than gorging on home-made gluten-free brownies. Yawn. There's no harm in a bit of letting loose, – see some of our top models, below, in Marbella in the good old days.

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