Friday 24 February 2017

So over: The celebration of twee

January Jones as Mad Men's Betty.
January Jones as Mad Men's Betty.

Can we call an end to the celebration of twee? And with it, all the endless trappings of the 1950s-housewife look, which is actually deeply unflattering to most figures; the Betty Draper style (see January Jones as Mad Men's Betty), the glorification of baking, the endless cupcakes, cake stands, bunting, and the need to have a wardrobe of aprons.

Come on people, it's the 21st Century. Did we not fight long and hard to not have the lives of our grandmothers? Why the rose-tinted nostalgia for this sort of thing? All our favourite foodies - Rachel, Roz, Rosanna - resist the urge to get all Betty Crocker. The rest of us should follow suit.

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