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So over: Internet shopping

Published 07/03/2011 | 09:43

We all know the scenario. You’ve stalked your new purchase online for weeks now; imagined how it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe; told yourself this will be the maxi dress/skinny trousers/jumpsuit that will actually suit you, unlike all the others you’ve previously purchased.

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And then it arrives. And it turns out that the shot of the model wearing your garment on the website is not actually a fair representation of how it looks on you, because — as you remember too late — you’re not actually a model. Not to mention that the fabric has a slightly cheap shine that you didn’t notice online. And is it just you, or does it smell a bit, well, musty? For our money, nothing beats being able to try something on in the shop. Make like Ali Hewson, right, a long-time devotee of Donnybrook’s super boutique Havana — if ever there was a time to support Irish business, people, this is it.

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