Sunday 24 September 2017

So over: guru-ing up your own life

Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas

We all have hobbies. Cooking, some sort of fitness, shopping, taking holidays. It's called having a life.

You'll find that having children is actually something a lot of people manage to do without huge fanfare or endless online personal testimony, and that lots of women like trying out different make-up items without feeling the need to start a YouTube channel. Doing any of the above does not make one a lifestyle guru. Surely the point of a lifestyle guru is that they have a little something extra to offer - a glimpse into a world of luxury most of us can only dream of (Gwyneth as Goop); or their life is so appealing that they've basically created an entire empire - only Oprah or Martha, really. We do not necessarily want to hear from every model and minor celebrity guru-ing up aspects of their life. One of the few we do actually buy into is Kathryn Thomas and her recent Pure Results bootcamp. Less fluff, actual results, so we're told by those that know.

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