Thursday 8 December 2016

So over: Fat teens, put it away

Published 16/05/2011 | 09:54

It’s not something we thought we’d ever hear ourselves say, but sometimes, at the sight of yet another nearly naked, overweight teenager squeezed into ill-fitting clothes, we long for a nice muu-muu.

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When did we get the idea that hot pants are for everyone? Bum cleavage is the new spare tyre and, frankly, we could live without it. Hot pants are for the beach, or with opaques for winter, not for the city centre on a hot day.

And certainly not for those overweight teens with their ignorant courage who seem to congest our streets at the merest hint of sun, their asses hanging out from denim cut-offs, their love handles oozing from vests that are, clearly, several sizes too small. Take note of those dignified, age-appropriate Spanish students currently on every street corner, with their lovely head-to-toe navy get-ups, or from the wardrobe of plus-size model Kristi Kuudisiim, an expert in dressing her womanly curves. It’s called more is more, people.

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