Monday 20 February 2017

People don't know what to do with these 'fake' shirts from Penneys

Sasha Brady

Published 09/07/2016 | 10:34

Penney's 'dickie' shirt. Photo: Catherine O'Reilly / Instagram
Penney's 'dickie' shirt. Photo: Catherine O'Reilly / Instagram

Is it a shirt or a bib? You decide!

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These shirts may have given you reason to pause on your recent excursion to Penneys.

You may have wondered if you'd accidentally stumbled into the children's section, so lost you were in trying to decide whether you needed one or two pairs of sunglasses for the weekend that you momentarily blacked out.

But no, these shirts - priced at €6 each - are in their rightful home in the ladieswear section.

They're called "dickie shirts" and they were popular in the 19th Century - basically a false shirt worn with fancy men's dresswear.

Cleaning clothes was expensive and time-consuming in those days so it made sense to just wash or press the shirt that could be seen, and the 'dickies' were really easy to clean because look at them: they're only little.

WTF? #penneysgonemad #thankspenneys

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And in 2016, it's a fancy way of layering clothes.

Or, it's just a crop shirt.

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