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How much does it actually cost to put on a Fashion Show?

Freya Drohan

Published 04/09/2014 | 17:54

Fendi, 2007

Let’s take a look at just how much does it cost for a design house to stage a show during New York Fashion Week.

Bob Bland, of the New York based Manufacture NY fashion incubator programme, has stated that it is almost impossible to stage a runway show unless you’re either very established or very rich.

He told Racked, "It's pretty fair to say that virtually every fashion designer who is starting their own company is probably not getting the support they need,"

According to Bland, the production costs are extortionate:

“At the Lincoln Center shows, the lighting racks alone cost $40,000 (€30,000),” he revealed.

That’s before you factor in models, hair, makeup, production, sound, and set.

When he staged shows for the designers under his mentorship, the bill came up to a staggering $100,000 (over €77,000).

Leading fashion blog Fashionista estimates the costs of bigger NYFW shows cost at least $200,000 (€153,000).

Chanel, 2008
Fendi, 2007
Marc Jacobs, 2011

When you consider that Marc Jacobs’ 2011 sci-fi inspired show cost over $1 million and Karl Lagerfeld's 2007 fashion show on the Great Wall of China set Fendi back a staggering $10 million, it seems that Bland actually bagged a bargain!

It a multi billion dollar industry, it is only natural that designers throw money at the prospect of outdoing their rivals.

However, when money becomes no object, and clothes get lost in the spectacle, will we begin to see a return to minimalist, pared back productions?

We bet the accounts department hopes so, anyway.

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