Tuesday 22 August 2017

Cindy Crawford: Don’t dress up for exercise

Cindy Crawford. Photo: Getty Images
Cindy Crawford. Photo: Getty Images

Cindy Crawford doesn’t worry about looking "cute" when she’s exercising.

The supermodel likes looking good, but knows it comes at a price. Most of her strenuous exercising is done at home, meaning she doesn’t have to worry about being seen when she’s red and sweaty.

“I work out at home, so I don’t worry about looking cute,” she explained. “I wear Lululemon’s capris, a Champion sports bra and any random T-shirt.”

Another of the 45-year-old’s top tips is to vary exercise regimes. Cindy gets bored if she does the same thing all the time so mixes things up a few times a week.

“I try to do one non-gym activity a week, too, be it a hike, bike ride or a long walk,” she explained to InStyle. “It’s hard finding the time, as I travel and have lots of early starts, but I’ll do an abbreviated version of my workout if I have to – and sometimes I just have to let it go.”

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