Monday 26 January 2015

Celeb red carpet evolution


Zooey DesChanel didn't always have that trademark vintage style (see 2003) which has made her something of a fashion icon.
Angelina Jolie, the original 'leg bomber', has always known how to work it on the red carpet, but has taken it to new heights lately.
Gossip Girl Blake Lively is the most improved celeb on the red carpet. She has come into her own (and lots of Chanel dresses thanks to her buddy Karl Lagerfeld).
Kirsten Dunst is not known for her sartorial know-how, but can turn on the style befitting a Hollywood A-lister from time to time.
Kim has gone from trashy to sometimes almost classy.
Cate Blanchett's tall lean figure means she always carries a red carpet gown well.
All bow to the queen of the red carpet Helen Mirren who puts the Hollywood try hards to shame.
This girl-next-door knows how to glam it up for the red carpet.
Pint-sized Eva Longoria dresses well for her tiny frame and isn't afraid to take the odd fashion risk/mistake (see 2010).
Courteney Cox has mastered the 'groomed to perfection' look in recent years.

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