Wednesday 26 July 2017

Boxing clever

boxing clever

Powder Pocket
Powder Pocket

Triona McCarthy

Ireland has gone cray-cray for the whole beauty subscription service thang. is a fully Irish-owned business, which delivers five beauty products, such as those pictured right, straight to the subscriber's door each month.

I love that they have an Irish focus, as an Irish beauty product is always included.

Each product is a deluxe travel size or a sample, and there will be at least one full-size sample in each box.

Every box comes with expert reviews, as well as helpful hints and links if you'd like to purchase full-size products.

Subscription to the beauty- box monthly service is three-tiered: €12 (plus P&P) for a monthly plan; €60 (plus P&P) for a six-month subscription, which includes one free box; or €120 (plus P&P) for a 12-month subscription, which includes two free boxes.

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