Wednesday 20 September 2017

Amber Le Bon reveals how her Duran Duran father inspires her style

Simon's "gold trousers" are responsible for her style today

Amber Le Bon father's "gold trousers" are responsible for her style today.

The model claims it was easy for her to develop the attention-grabbing style she is known for.

The 23-year-old claimed witnessing her father, Duran Duran frontman Simon le Bon, wear eye catching outfits inspired her to give fashion a go herself.

"If your dad wore gold trousers on stage, you're likely to be less afraid of trying things out for yourself," Amber revealed to the British edition of Vogue magazine. "It's fun, like playing dress-up every day, and that's what fashion should be about."

The pretty fashionista described how she dresses today. Amber does tend to borrow items from her father's wardrobe now, but chooses the warmer knitwear items rather than his theatrical costumes.

"[My style is] schizophrenic. I just throw stuff together. It depends on the weather, what is clean, and what's to hand," Amber admitted. "My sisters and I steal my dad's jumpers. He gets angry because we 'boobify' them. It drives him insane."

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