Monday 22 December 2014

Always seen, but rarely heard - Kate Moss takes opportunity to speak about latest collection

Published 29/04/2014 | 13:58

Kate Moss models her latest Topshop collection (Photo: Youtube/Topshop)
Kate Moss models her latest Topshop collection (Photo: Youtube/Topshop)
Kate Moss checks out her latest Topshop collection (Photo: Youtube/Topshop)

She’s one of the most famous faces on the planet, but fans rarely hear her speak.

Used to modelling pieces on the catwalk, this time the mysterious Kate Moss speaks out in her rarely-heard thick London accent about the looks in her latest Topshop collection.

The 40-year-old beauty models her latest high street collection for the massive clothes brand’s latest feature video.

“I like this, this one you could just wear to lunch,” she said as she twirled in a floral-patterned black fifties-style dress.

The video, which claims to give an insight into the creative process behind the collaboration, also shows the mood-boards that inspired her designs.

In the video, Kate stands at the mood-board which shows a collection of colours, fabrics and patterns.

“Oh, it’s gorge, and it feels amazing,” she says as she tried on a short green cocktail dress.


Kate studies designs from Topshop's latest collection

Kate’s good friend Cara Delevingne, who said Moss inspired her to become a model, recently said she’s delighted with the collaboration.

"As soon as I heard that she was working with Topshop it was just perfect - London brand, London girl, THE London girl coming together,” she said.

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