Friday 28 April 2017

Five things to consider when buying a debs dress

Lily Rose Depp, pictured with Harley Quinn Smith, at her high school prom. Picture: Kevin Smith/Instagram
Lily Rose Depp, pictured with Harley Quinn Smith, at her high school prom. Picture: Kevin Smith/Instagram
Marian Gale with a selection of Debs dresses at her boutique in Donnybrook
Grace OMahony, a model with 1st Option, heads off to her Debs balls in a beautiful gown she made herself. Entries for this years Kilkenny Fashion Week Student Scholarship are now open. Visit Photo: Pat Moore.
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Debs season is nearly upon us, but fear not if you haven't already started shopping for your outfit.

With countless options available in the shops and online, shopping for a debs dress can be an overwhelming experience.

Whether you’re splurging or saving on your outfit for the big night, here are five things to consider before you part with your cash.


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From photos with family and friends before you leave, to chowing down on a breakfast roll on the way home, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing your debs dress for as much as 12 hours.

This means you’ll want to be fully comfortable in it. When trying it on, walk around for 10 minutes or so and see how it feels. Sit down, stretch your arms and move around. Sequin details and embellishments can cause discomfort and scratches, so make sure your dress leaves you injury-free.


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Practicality and comfort go hand in hand. Make sure you can move around without restriction and don’t have to continuously fix any parts of the dress such as pleats, the neckline and the slip underneath.

A debs dress is often a once-off piece, but if you can buy one you know you’ll wear again, that’s even better. Maybe you’ve an upcoming wedding or there’s a way the dress can be remade – think outside the box.



While hitting the high street is a fantastic way to get a gorgeous dress on a budget, it doesn’t come without its issues. We all know the struggle of going somewhere and seeing two other people in your latest Zara ‘It’ piece. There are plenty of dresses to go around, but if you buy your dress from a popular high street retailer, it raises the chances of someone else wearing it. Not everyone will mind doubling up, but a lot of people would.

With this in mind, try shopping at alternate stores for your debs dress. Vintage and second hand stores are fantastic haunt for unique dresses, as well are boutiques. Getting your dress custom-made is the ultimate solution to ensure no one else will be wearing what you’re wearing. Custom-made doesn’t always mean expensive, so check out your options with local designers.

How it makes you feel

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It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most beautiful dress in the world if you don’t feel amazing in it. The debs is a night many people remember for the rest of their lives, so wear something you won’t want to forget. Whether it be a '50s style dress, a tuxedo or a sparkling gold gown, wear whatever makes you feel best.

The extras


More often than not, a debs dress requires a few other purchases. A clutch bag, shoes, underwear, jewellery - take all of these into consideration when buying a dress for the big night. A good dress shouldn’t need many extras and add-ons, all of which can hike up your budget.

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