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'We won't be doing any of that hippy s**te...give Rita all the drugs she wants!' - Daithi O Se on his wife's labour


Published 12/03/2014 | 12:14

Daithi O Se with Rita Talty
Daithi O Se with Rita Talty

RTE's Daithi O'Se (37) and his wife Rita Talty (30) have just days to go before their due date.

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But the Today host revealed how the pair have ruled out going down the natural route and "any of that hippy s**te" when it comes to welcoming in their first baby.

The straight-talking Kerryman said the couple won't be indulging in any holistic-style water births or hypnotherapy to get through the birth.

"Whatever happens, happens. That's the way I feel and I don't believe in any of that hippy s**te. I believe if there's drugs there, she should take as much as she needs to get her through it," he said. "Once the baby's healthy, that's all that matters."

The presenter, who finished filmed Today last Friday, has forsaken the annual pilgrimage to Cheltenham to remain on baby watch this week. And the keen racing fan, whose baby is due next Monday, March 17, said that sacrifices had to be made now that he's facing into the responsibility of fatherhood.  

He has also blasted as "false advertising" the concept that pregnancy is only nine months long as the impatient presenter awaits his first baby.

Daithi said: "It's absolute bulls**t to say that. We passed the nine-month mark last week and we were like 'hang on, we should have had the baby by now'.

"So under the Trade Descriptions Act, they really should say ten months because that's what it is. We just want the baby to come now, that's the stage we're at. Rita's in very good form and all's going well.

"She wasn't one of these crazy pregnant ladies but we're just looking forward to the end now."

The pair haven't decided on any names yet but Daithi said how they have "completely ruled out" calling it Patrick or Patricia, if the baby arrives on March 17.


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