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Tori Spelling admits getting Shannon Doherty fired from Beverly Hills 90210 and lending her dress stained with 'virgin blood' for photoshoot

Published 04/10/2015 | 11:37

Tori Spelling on Celebrity Lie Detector
Tori Spelling on Celebrity Lie Detector

Tori Spelling, former star of the original Beverly HIlls, 90210 TV series, made a series of admissions and revelations during an hour-long interview, verified by a lie detector test.

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Spelling (42) made the revelations on Saturday night on an episode of Lifetime TV series Celebrity Lie Detector which sees celebs grilled on their private and professional lives while being hooked up to a polygraph.

Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty of Beverley Hills 90210
Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty of Beverley Hills 90210

During filming of the show (which ran 1990-2000), she dated on-screen boyfriend Brian Austin Green.  However, she also revealed she had slept with heartthrob co-star Jason Priestley and kissed Luke Perry on her 18th birthday.

She also admitted to Presenter Louise Rose that she had teamed up with other cast members to have fellow co-star Shannon Doherty fired from the show although she regretted the move as they were "like sisters".

Although she denied losing her virginity to a 90210 cast member, Tori did admit lending Shannon a dress stained with her 'virgin blood' for a cast photoshoot.  She said Doherty wore the dress despite knowing this particular detail.

Even though Aaron Spelling was worth an estimated half a billion, her father reportedly left her just $800,000 in his will, a fact which she confirmed on the show.

The 90210 photoshoot in which Tori alleges Shannon Doherty wore the 'virgin blood' stained dress
The 90210 photoshoot in which Tori alleges Shannon Doherty wore the 'virgin blood' stained dress

She never contested the will.

"I've always been so independent," she said. 'I was so of the mind that I was not going to be 'Aaron Spelling's daughter', that I was was going to be 'Tori Spelling'.

"But it still confuses me. I know he worked so hard... I don't really understand the thought process behind it," she added.

"All I can think of is my dad, he was just a story teller, a creator - he wasn't a financial guy. We never talked money... I grew up not talking about money, learning about money - we just had money. All I can think of is he assumed we would be fine. But I proved him right, I am fine so... it's still confusing."

Jason Priestley
Jason Priestley

Allegations of nepotism dogged Tori during her time on the show because her father was the producer and she admitted that she was only cast in the show because of her connection.

Tori has also been dogged by rumours of extensive plastic surgery but insisted she has only ever had nose and breast procedures.

Tori's husband Dean McDermott cheated on her and Roe asked Tori if she had fully forgiven him.  She said yes, but the lie detector indicted she was lying.

Asked if she thought he would cheat again she said 'no' which was deemed a truthful answer.

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