Wednesday 26 July 2017

‘Too bad your head wasn’t between the bumpers’ – George Hook receives hate mail days after car accident

George Hook
George Hook
George Hook.
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

BROADCASTER George Hook received an anonymous letter wishing he had been seriously hurt in a car accident last week, he revealed.

The rugby pundit was involved in a minor accident last week when the taxi he was travelling in collided with another car.

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The disturbing message was posted to the 74-year-old’s home address, where his wife Ingrid read it first.

George Hook.
George Hook.

The postcard read: ‘Too bad your head wasn’t between the bumpers it might have improved your brain and cured your slurring and dropped words.

“Stay in bed you freak. You are a disgrace to broadcasting, a complete babbling imbecile. Stay at home and play with your soldiers.”

Speaking on his Newstalk programme yesterday evening, he said: "Ingrid collected it first and saw the postcard and I must say it upset her. Then she gave it to me, and it upset me.

 “No matter how strong you think you are, when you get hate mail it affects you. It mightn’t affect me like it would affect others, but it still affects me. I really was upset.”

He suggested that the letter could have been sent in response to an article he wrote for last weekend's Sunday Independent on the refugee crisis.

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However taking to his Twitter account, he said he would not allow such hate mail stop him.

“I will not allow letters of hate deter me from broadcasting,” he wrote.

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