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Thursday 2 October 2014

RTE's Maura Derrane says she couldn't move for two months after 'traumatic' labour

Published 23/07/2014 | 08:22

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RTE's Maura Derrane couldn't move for two months after 'traumatic' labour
Maura Derrane and husband John Deasy. Photo by Garrett White/Collins
Presenter Maura Derrane

RTE star Maura Derrane has spoken candidly about life as a new mother.

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The 'Today' host welcomed her first son, little Cal, into the world in May with husband John Deasy, but his arrival was traumatic for the presenter.

A heavily pregnant Maura Derrane
A heavily pregnant Maura Derrane

Derrane recently said that she had undergo an emergency c-section after hemorrhaging during labour.

And she's still on the road to recovery eight weeks later.

Maura is currently in her native Inishmore in the Aran Islands getting first hand support from her mother and sister.

"I am lucky that my mother and sister are here and have been amazing in helping me care for Cal since I arrived a couple of weeks ago," she wrote on a blog post for First 1000

"I really wanted to come home sooner but I haven’t been able to make the journey until now, nearly two months after Cal’s birth, as I was in so much pain after an emergency Caesarean section.

Maura Derrane, husband John Deasy TD
Maura Derrane, husband John Deasy TD

There is a perception these days that a caesarean is the easy option. The phrase “too posh to push” was coined after Hollywood stars were reportedly opting to have major surgery instead of a natural birth.

"And yes, some women get through the aftermath of a caesarean with minimum pain but that was certainly not my experience."

Derrane also spoke of how much her life has changed in the last two months.

"It is such a shock to the system to have a new baby. I don’t think I appreciated just how demanding the job of caring for a new-born would be. The cycle of feeding and changing can feel endless but thankfully Cal is a great baby," she gushed.

Maura Derrane at the Galway races in Ballybrit Galway yesterday.
Pic Steve Humphreys
31st August 2013.
Maura Derrane.

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