Friday 23 June 2017

How Irish actress Victoria Smurfit tracked down car thieves on Facebook

Victoria Smurfit
Victoria Smurfit
Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil in Once Upon A Time
Victoria Smurfit at the 2014 IFTAs

Esther McCarthy

Victoria Smurfit can add a new talent to her CV - detective work.

The Irish actress' (41) car had been broken into while on a weekend trip to Oregon, but Victoria wasn't going to stop there at tracking down the culprits.

She had gone on a hike with her children and left her bag tucked under a seat in the car, but arrived back to find the window had been smashed and her bag stolen.

The thieves allegedly cashed cheques they found in the car - in their real names - which prompted Victoria to trace them on Facebook and come up with a list of suspects.

Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil in Once Upon A Time
Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil in Once Upon A Time

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"The thieves thought they'd gotten away with ti, but the didn't count on Victoria's ability to do some detective work of her own," an insider said.

"In the US, all cheques are pictured on online accounts so she started there.

"Victoria noticed that the thieves had written lots of cheques in small increments to themselves, using their actual names, and had also written an address on one.

Victoria Smurfit at the 2014 IFTAs
Victoria Smurfit at the 2014 IFTAs

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"She used this information to go online and trace those involved through Facebook profiles.

"She tracked down phone numbers and further details and sent everything she could find to the police, who are now investigating."

The actress, who has ended her run on US smash hit Once Upon A Time, is currently filming a new drama, The Homecoming.

She announced her split with her husband of 15 years, Doug Baxter in February.

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