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Diana Bunici on Kodaline beau - 'It's nice to create memories with someone you care about'

Published 26/01/2016 | 07:51

Diana Bunici and Steve Garrigan. Picture: Diana Bunici/Twitter
Diana Bunici and Steve Garrigan. Picture: Diana Bunici/Twitter

Diana Bunici has revealed she has the perfect antidote to homesickness since moving to London.

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Her other half, Kodaline singer Steve Garrigan, stays with her when he's on a break from touring as their relationship moves up a gear.

The glamorous pair have been seeing each other for almost two years and Diana often joins him on tour.

"Steve doesn't really have a home because he travels a lot," she told the Diary.

"Dublin is his home, but he is in London a lot which I'm happy with."

"It's nice when you move to a new city to have a familiar face and to create memories with someone you care about," she added.

Steve Garrigan and Diana Bunici. Photo: VIP IRELAND
Steve Garrigan and Diana Bunici. Photo: VIP IRELAND

Diana has been in the UK capital for more than a year now and said she's enjoyed working as a freelance presenter and writing her first book.

"I moved to London last January and people say that that's so brave, but it's really not," she said.

Diana Bunici
Diana Bunici

"I'm in a position where, unlike my parents did when they moved to Ireland, I speak the language.

"And I have money to support myself and I have five or six years experience in my field. I'm going over there with a lot of things going for me. It's not as though I'm trying to survive in the wilderness."

Credit: Twitter/ Diana Bunici
Credit: Twitter/ Diana Bunici

"Since moving to London I've been working freelance as a reporter and producing packages as well, mostly for Irish channels. I've done work for Irish TV, TV3, UTV and RTE2," she added.

Her first book is called The Pursuit of Awesome. In it, she asks some well-known faces for advice on pursuing their goals.

Diana Bunici. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM
Diana Bunici. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM

She spoke to celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Hozier and Rory McIlroy, but Steve fell ill after their last-minute interview.

"Steve, like all the contributors, has a great story and he appears in the music section," she said.

"The poor guy, he was going on tour in America and he was feeling sick the day before he was flying but I was like, 'Listen you have to do this interview now because you're going to be away for six weeks and I need to get working'.

"I kind of forced him to do it and we found out the next day that he actually had pneumonia and the second he got to America he was put on a drip. But he's very enthusiastic about it and super supportive. I think he'll be glad once it's done because he has had to hear so much about it," she added.

The book will hit the shelves on March 9 and is aimed at teenagers who are finishing secondary school and thinking about their future.

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