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Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath on the one kitchen rule he'll never break: 'Don't screw the crew'

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath. Photo: Frank McGrath
Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath. Photo: Frank McGrath
Dylan McGrath
Tuesday 31 March 2009. Pic: Doug O'Connor.
Dylan McGrath at the opening of the Spencer Hotel in Dublin. Picture: Arthur Carron Newsdesk Newsdesk

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath has revealed the one kitchen rule he'll never break.

The 39-year-old, who runs The Rustic Stone and Fade Street Social in Dublin city centre, said he'll never "screw the crew" as it can create an awkward work envirconment.

He said the "high pressure" nature of the job means tensions are high and the average age profile of restaurant employees means some work relationships can often end in sex.

"My rule has always been don't screw the crew because it interferes with getting things done," he told the Irish Sun on Sunday.

"Without a doubt, some chefs are shagging in restaurants in Ireland. I'd say staff are hopping on and off each other. There is sex in the kitchen because it's a high pressure environment and it's becoming sexier and sexier to be a chef."

"You are dealing with young people who are around each other a lot."

Dylan McGrath
Dylan McGrath

The former Celebrity Masterchef star said he's been in a relationship for the last year but refuses to be drawn on any more details as he wants to keep his relationship private.

McGrath spent nearly a year recovering from back surgery after undergoing an operation at the Mater Hospital to fix disintegrating discs in his back.

The problem is linked to his two decades spent working and long days standing in kitchens. He first sparked concern over his health after an appearance on the Brendan O'Connor's show when he appeared to be slurring his words.

He said it was down to taking a mixture of Difene and Tramadol to deal with the intense pain.

"From the TV appearance it became apparent I couldn't do it anymore. I needed to do something," he said. "When you are that sore and someone hands you something and says that's going to make it better, no matter how strong and disciplined you are, you are going to take it."

He said the medication he was on was "serious s**t", but he is no longer taking any.

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