Thursday 17 August 2017

By George! €500 fine for anyone who approaches the Clooneys' villa

Amal and George Clooney
Amal and George Clooney

Camilla Turner

The mayor of Laglio has declared a fine of up to €500 (£370) for anyone who approaches George Clooney's luxury lakeside villa, on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

Roberto Pozzi, mayor of Laglio, has issued the ordinance to guard the solace of the actor, his wife Amal Alamuddin and their entourage.

Anyone who leaves their car or boat within 100m of Clooney's two villas - Villa Oleandra and Villa Margherita - will be liable to pay the fine.

The Hollywood star of Gravity and Ocean's Eleven has owned the magnificent Villa Oleandra, in the heart of the village, for more than a decade, ever since buying it in 2002 for €7.5 million.

Since the actor bought the 18th century villa, photographers and fans have flocked to the town, loitering around the Clooney's home.

The more daring autograph-seekers even ring his bell. Clooney later bought Villa Margherita, which adjoins it, to increase privacy.

George Clooney and his wife Amal
George Clooney and his wife Amal

Last summer, a similar no-go zone was declared around Clooney’s villa to protect the Hollywood star from prying eyes and the unwanted snooping of paparazzi photographers.

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