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Awesome, dude! Claudine and Robbie Keane's son (4) has American accent


Published 26/03/2014 | 12:24

Robbie Keane with wife Claudine Palmer and son Robert
Robbie Keane with wife Claudine Palmer and son Robert
Claudine Keane and Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane's son has picked up an American twang to his accent after two years in the US.

Robert Jnr (4) has been amusing visiting relatives with his intonation and use of popular American words including 'awesome'.

"When he comes home it is obvious he has been living in America, a family friend told the Herald. "He uses a lot of slang. His parents find it very amusing and cute.

"He doesn't have a strong accent yet as he hasn't started school, but he will at the end of the summer."

Robert Jnr could have a younger brother or sister to play with soon after his mum, Claudine, revealed she and Robbie would like to add to their family.

The Keane family, who own a home in Claudine's native Malahide, have settled in LA, but mostly enjoy a quiet life away from the Hollywood party scene as Robbie concentrates on playing for LA Galaxy.


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