Wednesday 22 February 2017

'Arguments with Padraig about calories is bane of my life' - Kathryn Thomas on life with restaurateur beau

Published 27/01/2016 | 07:45

Kathryn Thomas and boyfriend Padraig McLaughlin
Kathryn Thomas and boyfriend Padraig McLaughlin

RTE's Kathryn Thomas is living the life of domestic bliss with restaurateur boyfriend Padraig McLoughlin.

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But the star (37) revealed that one issue has sparked major disharmony between her and her restaurateur other-half - the sticky issue of calories on the menu.

"Myself and Padraig have disagreements all the time on calories, and it's the bane of my life," she told the Herald.


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin
Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin

The super-fit Operation Transformation presenter said that while she's a huge advocate of listing calorie counts on Irish menus, he's not a fan.

"While I'm for it, I'm not about scaring the s**t out of people," she said. "I go out to dinner and I know that, because I'm quite good during the week, I will have a starter, main course, dessert and a bottle of wine.

"I know that's a large calorie count, so I won't have a big lunch or I'll go for a run beforehand - or get up and walk the dog the next day.

"It's not about terrifying people, but knowing what to put into your body. No one's telling you not to have a nice night out - it's about making informed choices."

Padraig McLaughlin and Kathryn Thomas
Padraig McLaughlin and Kathryn Thomas

She said that it all boils down to education and making the right choices for your lifestyle.

"When you see the calories on menus, there's no running away from it and no avoiding it," she continued. "There is a very real obesity crisis in this country and it can seem like a nanny state, but my biggest worry here is that our children are going to die before their parents. Something needs to be done urgently.


"My friends say it takes the entire joy out of the meal, but my take on it is if you know you've worked hard beforehand and know that you're not going to have a big lunch beforehand, then why not?"

Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas

Currently in the middle of filming the current Operation Transformation, she said the reaction has been "just phenomenal".

"We got our highest rating last week, there's a huge growth in numbers and it's been trending, but there's been a lot of ups and downs as well," she continued.

"The mood was quite low this week and we really needed to rally around the team leaders."

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