Wednesday 22 October 2014

Allen: Thrones torture left me blue

Published 21/01/2014 | 10:02

Alfie Allen has admitted filming the last season of Game of Thrones took its toll on him

Alfie Allen has confessed he got pretty depressed filming the last series of Game of Thrones as his character was tortured throughout.

The 27-year-old British actor plays Theon Greyjoy in the fantasy drama and fans were left wondering if he would survive into the next season after his torture ended in his manhood being chopped off.

Alfie said: "It was really tough last year. You've got to keep things light and keep it fun, but the content was very, very dark, and I found myself feeling quite down and depressed after I'd filmed it. And I was trying to figure out why I would feel like that, and it was obviously because I was strapped to a cross half the time.

"But it was good, there's definitely going to be some really interesting moments with the storyline this year, so we'll see what happens."

And the actor son of Keith Allen and brother to singer Lily Allen admitted his character's dramatic maiming had stuck in fans' minds.

"I get that a lot. Someone came up to me the other day and I asked her for a lighter - I know I smoke, I know it's bad - and she came back to me two minutes later and said, 'Are you the ginger man who gets his willy chopped off in Game Of Thrones?'

"And I said 'Yeah, that's me'.

"So I don't mind, I'll take that. But it's cool. It's a great part and it's got a great arc so I'm looking forward to the next two years of it."

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