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Thursday 18 September 2014

Aisling O'Loughlin's partner Nick given the all-clear: 'If he’d left it and not gone to the doctors, he would have only lived a few weeks'

Published 26/06/2014 | 08:30

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TV3’s Aisling O’Loughlin with partner Nicholas MacInnes.

The partner of Xpose presenter Aisling O’Loughlin has finished chemotherapy and has been given the all-clear from cancer.

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The delighted TV presenter told this morning that while photographer Nick MacInnes will undergo regular check-ups for the next five years, he has been given the all-clear by his doctors.

Nick was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia – a cancer of the blood cells - in January.

Aisling warned Irish men to “be mindful” about their health.

She said Nick had been procrastinating about making a doctor’s appointment, despite being in poor health.

“Louis our son was born on December 6th, and I decided to bring him for an early doctor’s appointment just so that I could bring Nick with me. Nick was procrastinating so much - you know men and doctors. And I just said, I’m bringing Louis, are you coming?”

“If he’d left it and not gone to the doctors, he would have only lived a few weeks.”

“His bloods were so low. There was hardly any blood in his marrow; his white blood cells had taken over. His heart was under enormous pressure.”

“It’s a lesson to pay attention. If you’ve got bruising out of the blue, that’s not a great sign. He had bruising all over his legs.”

Aisling described the last six months as “a journey”, and the pair will celebrate this weekend with a trip to the races at The Curragh.

“He’s going to be in and out of hospital for the next five years with check-ups. He’s delighted. It means no more chemotherapy, we hope. It’s always going to be a case of touchwood though.”

“It has been a journey. He’s been a good patient and he’s been a lucky patient in that he hasn’t suffered.”

 “It’s about being mindful about your health.”

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