Sunday 30 April 2017

Flashback Friday: Where are the cast of Fade Street now?

(L to R) Cici Cavanagh, Louise Johnston, Dani Robinson and Vogue Williams
(L to R) Cici Cavanagh, Louise Johnston, Dani Robinson and Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams in Fade Street
Vogue Williams in 2015
Louise Johnston on Fade Street
Louise Johnston in 2015
Cici Cavanagh on Fade Street
Cici Cavanagh in 2015
Dani Robinson on Fade Street
Danielle Robinson in 2015

Jamie Tuohy

Gone but not forgotten, Fade Street was easily one of the most iconic and accidentally hilarious TV shows to ever grace Irish TV screens.

The reality series – which was rarely filmed on the actual street from where it found its name – was Ireland’s answer to The Hills and made IT Girls of its stars. As the show reaches its fifth birthday, we’re paying homage to Vogue, Louise, Cici and Dani and asking ‘where are they now?’

Vogue Williams


What Victoria Beckham was to the Spice Girls and what Cheryl was to Girls Aloud, Vogue was to Fade Street. The Howth native found fame on the RTE show back in 2010 and split her time between DJing and modelling; as well as interning alongside Louise at Stellar magazine. Everyone remembers that nail-biting scene when Vogue and Louise were forced to choose which one of them could go to Oxegen after then-editor of Stellar, Susan Vasquez told them one would have to work on a shoot instead of attending the (now defunct) festival. Post-Fade Street, Vogue became a household name in Ireland and the UK and wed former Westlife star Brian McFadden (the pair announced their split in June). She presents regularly on RTE Two, Channel Four and won Bear Grylls: Mission Survive on ITV.

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Louise Johnston


With her glossy magazine internship and flair for PR, Louise was Fade Street’s answer to Lauren Conrad. However, in the modern day Cinderella tale of “Who Shall Go to Oxegen?” poor Louise found herself hard done by as Vogue partied it up in the DJ tent, while Louise was left at home. Like Vogue, Louise also worked as a model during the show, but since Fade Street ended, the Clonskeagh native has relatively shunned the media in favour of a career in marketing and business. Louise now works as a Business Development and Relationship Engineer for a security company. Most recently, she was back in the headlines after she was linked to Ed Sheeran - but sources close to the pair denied a romance, stating that they’ve been friends for years.


Cici Cavanagh


Everyone remembers Cici as the husky-voiced party girl with a penchant for fashion and music. In Fade Street, we saw Cici cut her teeth as a club promoter and DJ but since filming has wrapped, the 25-year-old has gone on to pursue her first love of music full-time, splitting her time between London, Dublin and Ibiza as a DJ; as well as running her own jewellery label (, inspired by her love of crystals and fossils.


Dani Robinson


Wexford native Dani (aka Danielle) never really took to the celebrity lifestyle like her three co-stars, despite being part of some of the show’s most dramatic showdowns. Who could forget the moment when Dani’s then-flatmate Louise confronted her about her household untidiness? Or the time Dani was reduced to tears in Dublin Ink when her portfolio was annihilated by the tattoo parlour bosses? Since filming ended, she dabbled in modelling, but has since gone on to pursue a successful career as a tattoo artist as well as studying for a degree in psychology. However, if you’re hoping for a Fade Street reunion anytime soon, don’t hold your breath as Dani stated that the show ruined her relationship and made living a normal day-to-day life really difficult. I guess it’s tough at the top, eh?


For your viewing pleasure, here's Dani vs Louise in Battle of The Wills:

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